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Active sports that are available to you almost everywhere

For most people who do not have obvious health problems, it is important to exercise regularly and the older we get, the more acute the question of increasing the level of activity becomes in order to maintain overall health and fitness for many years to come.

Fortunately, many options for sports activities are available to literally everyone, due to simplicity and affordability. In this article, we will analyze the simplest and most effective ways to keep fit.


You can run outdoors or indoors on a treadmill to keep your body in shape, burn excess weight, strengthen your heart, and train your endurance.

Running has contraindications – this is a very large weight and problems with the knees, which can only worsen and harm health and lead to heart problems.

With a lot of weight, you first need to lose weight with less active loads, for example, walking on a treadmill and changing your sleep and diet.

If it is possible to run on the street, then you need to do it outdoors – running on rough terrain and even in the park creates an increased load on the whole body and adds efficiency during active movement and allows you to make much less effort than if you run on the track.

For comparison, 20 minutes of jogging in the park is equivalent to 45 minutes of running on the track with the same intensity.

An important point is to be careful about your clothes that you choose for jogging.

It should be elastic synthetics for the cool season with insulation, or regular for warmer months.

If you use cotton, then all the heat and moisture that accumulates in the process of playing sports, and this can be at least 30 minutes in one session, then you may well get supercooled, or overheat and get sick in just a few sessions.

Do not use cotton and other natural fabrics, as it lets all the moisture through during sports – it is good for walking and relaxing, but for sports, synthetics should be preferred.

Running on a treadmill

A treadmill can be a great replacement for outdoor running in several ways:

  • It does not require much space and can be practiced at home.
  • Active sport in bad weather.
  • You can use active walking for weight loss and then running to increase the result of physical activities.

Please note that the track, although it replaces running on the street, is an easier form of it.

You need to set up your workout so that the active phase takes place within 45 minutes.

To start, you can start from 15 minutes, but you need to constantly increase efficiency and load in order to progress, and not just run minimally.


Football is a sport that is popular all over the world, and there are quite a few places where you can find full-fledged sections for playing and just relaxing with the ball.

It combines running, athletics and endurance sports, which has a good effect on overall health indicators.

You will not only be able to maintain and develop the physical health of your body, but also meet new people who can potentially become your friends – after all, football is a team sport, and for many, a full-fledged family.

In order not just to run around the field with the ball, but also to progress, you need to study tactics and monitor the results of titled teams, which are often innovative in new game schemes and solutions.

This can be done on TV and then run in a football simulator before being transferred to the field.

To try out all the tactics online against real players, and not mindless AI, you can buy some FC 24 coins SkyCoach and exchange them for the best players in the series.

Football will appeal to many people who love running and high-impact outdoors, but will not be suitable for those who do not like socialization during training, but prefer to play alone.

Active walking

For all people who are contraindicated in running, or simply do not like such activity, they can be replaced with walking, which implies no less useful load on the legs and torso, burning fat and reducing excess weight, but without increased pressure on the knees.

Optionally, you can use trekking poles, which are actively used when hiking in the mountains for active use in the process of walking.

This will minimize the pressure on the knees by relying on sticks and practically not load them.

You have to consider that there is a big difference between normal walking and race walking – it’s a very high pace, which is kept at 7 km per hour.

Ideally, you should have a sports device – a watch, or a fitness bracelet, which will allow you to accurately track and control your pace in order to maintain optimal performance and load.

Mountain walking

You can go to the mountains and conquer the peaks, and at the same time pump your heart and blood circulation, train your whole body and legs, and breathe clean air.

An alternative would be to actively walk on a treadmill at an incline, which will simulate moving through the mountains.

Monitor your heartbeat and stop if you feel unstable.

Your task is to give your body a load that will be higher than the usual level in order to make progress and get the effect of training, but this should not harm you and disrupt the functioning of the heart and other important organs.

Ride on the bicycle

Another activity format that perfectly develops the whole body.

You can engage in nature and buy yourself a bicycle – the infrastructure is developed in many cities and continues to improve.

If you are afraid for your life, riding on the street, then you can simply purchase a similar exercise bike.

It is worth remembering that, as with running, the simulator replaces a similar natural bike ride, but the loads should be greater, since you are not affected by the factor of landscape change and additional natural loads.

For anyone who likes to exercise at home and appreciates the recycling of resources and limited consumption, you can purchase a special exercise bike that generates energy in the process of exercising, which can then be used to charge phones and other devices.


This is a great sport that is aimed not only at physical activity, but also at coordination and spiritual balance.

Yoga is built from asanas, which are divided according to the level of complexity and focus, depending on what kind of mood and charge you want to get.

In essence, yoga is an advanced workout mixed with meditation that you can do on your own at any time of the day, preferably at dawn, or with a trainer when you want to get to a really serious level of self-discovery and harmony.

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