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Fast and Proven Way to Get an A+ for an Essay

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An essay can be viewed as a paper in which the author needs to present not other people’s thoughts and ideas but their own opinion on a specific topic. A feature of this student’s work is that it has a freer composition and structure than other types of papers. An essay is a very common task.

When writing a paper, it is very important to follow all the rules since the grade will be influenced not only by what you write but also by the structure of the essay, its format, and other details. “How to WriteMyEssayOnline to get an A+?” We are going to answer this question.

What should be the structure of the essay?

Although this type of work belongs to creative tasks, a clear structure must still be observed when writing an essay. To make it easier for you to stick to it, it first makes sense to write a general paper plan on the draft, which will display all the important points.

The easiest way to find out what the structure of an essay should be is to look at the methodological guide. Usually, all universities publish special manuals, which clearly indicate which requirements must be met. They are based on modern academic rules, but besides this, the requirements put forward by a particular educational institution can also be indicated out there.

If we talk about the mandatory elements that should be in the paper, then it is worth noting right away:

  • Topic title. This allows the teacher to immediately understand what your essay will be about. It is better to choose options that can best convey the essence but at the same time will attract attention.
  • The next thing you need to write is an introduction to the work. Usually, it is customary here to indicate the issues that you plan to consider.
  • The main part follows the introductory part. This is where you should succinctly but reasonably express your opinion on the topic.
  • Conclusion. Here the student has to sum everything up.

When writing an essay, do not forget that one of the key features of the genre is the presence of paradoxes in the text. Therefore, it is worth trying to surprise the reader. There is an opinion that if there is no paradox in the essay, then the work cannot be attributed to this genre at all.

In addition, there are two other requirements that must be met. Namely:

  • What the author wants to say should be formatted in the form of theses.
  • Each of the theses must be supported by arguments. They can be scientific facts, known information, quotes, examples from life, etc. Experts advise using two arguments for each thesis. On the one hand, this is not too small, but on the other hand, it will not overload the text.

Due to such features, the structure of the essay will be circular. This means that in the main part, in which reasoned theses will be given, they will be presented in an orderly and sequential manner. And only after the analysis of all theses will it be possible to proceed to the final part of the essay.

What are the features of the genre?

Features of this type of work include:

  • Typically, essays are small in size. It will depend on the requirements of the university and the particular teacher, and also on how many pages the author needs to fully disclose the problem. Most often, the volume of an essay is from two to fifteen pages. Format requirements are standard.
  • The free form of presentation. The words that a student uses to indicate their position as an author may be colloquial rather than scientific. Rather, it is not even recommended to use specialized terms that will not allow an unprepared reader to understand what the text is written about.
  • Maintenance of semantic unity. The text should be written in such a way that all the theses that the author uses, and all the arguments which confirm them, are in harmony with each other and do not conflict.
  • To attract the reader, you should add more expression and emotionality to the paper.
  • A specific, narrow issue should be considered, and not some generalized topic. For example, if you want to generalize about a wide range of issues, then the paper cannot be called an essay.
  • The main purpose of the work can be considered to be precisely the reflection of the author’s opinion, which will make it possible to understand their worldview and position. This is very important to consider, as many students start adding a large number of quotes and other people’s opinions, turning the essay into a summary.

Tips for writing A+ essay

Consistency of construction

An essay is not just a chaotic presentation of the author’s thoughts; it must obey a certain logic:

  1. The introduction reveals the main thesis of the essay, which should correspond to the topic.
  2. The main part is devoted to the analysis of the problem and the argumentation of the author’s position.
  3. In conclusion, the author summarizes the above.

Persuasiveness of arguments

Arguments are an integral part of the essay; they confirm the correctness of the thesis put forward by the author. In an essay, you can use only factual information:

  • statistical data;
  • results of scientific experiments;
  • statements of famous people or quotes from works;
  • verified biographical data, historical information, etc.

When using arguments in an essay, it is necessary to indicate a link to sources and, at the end of the work, list them.

Arguments do not have to be of the same type. You must cite at least two of them, and they must be from different areas: for example, one from history and one from literature.


As a rule, teachers require that the essay has the highest possible level of uniqueness. It should not be less than 90%.


As in any other paper, the essay should not contain spelling and punctuation errors. Try to avoid clichés, and use words and phrases that are typical for journalistic and artistic styles.

Compliance with the structure of the paper and the requirements for it will allow you to write a really high-quality and exciting essay. And that means getting an A+.


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