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Top 5 films about Spiritual Search and Awareness

Rugby Editorial 23rd Mar, 2023   0

Sometimes movies can not only entertain or give new knowledge but also open your eyes to something very important. But if you just want to have a good rest in the evening, you can visit the live casino.

In this article, we have collected the best films about spiritual search and spiritual development. These films touch on the deepest feelings and important life topics.

Zen (2009, Japan)

This story is about finding your Zen. The main character of the picture – a young Japanese man – lost his peace after the death of his mother. He was tormented by questions about the value and meaning of life, about why such a beautiful and vast world is filled with suffering and disasters. In search of answers, he is ready to overcome a huge path to find his Teacher and touch wisdom and enlightenment. And life will give him a fateful meeting with an enlightened monk who will change his fate forever. The story is based on real events – its hero is a Zen master who lived in Japan in the 13th century. The film teaches you to follow the inner call and boldly give yourself into the hands of Nature.

Human (2015, France)

An amazing documentary by a French photographer and director consists of the personal stories of many people. The author traveled around the globe for three years, carefully looking into the beauty and ugliness of this world. He was looking for answers to exciting questions: what are love, happiness, faith, and friendship, what is the meaning of life? The director collected the stories of more than 2000 women and men from 60 countries of the world. Interviews touch on the topic of war, family, death, politics, sex, money, revolutions, and crimes… The film is filled with sincere emotions and life-affirming stories of a variety of people. The picture immerses you in life, like a book that is worth reading slowly and thoughtfully.

Samsara (2011)

A colorful documentary without a plot, dialogues, and actors immerses the viewer in a fantastic firework of colors and micro-stories. Here you can see the Japanese subway, the Chinese dance of a thousand hands, stone statues under the night sky, a volcanic eruption in Hawaii, sacred lands, disaster zones, and natural wonders. These are 5 continents and 25 countries with their rituals, secrets, and heritage. The main theme of the film is the disclosure of the meaning of “samsara” or the process of rebirth. The idea is conveyed only by visual images and the meditative mood of the tape. Get ready to get real aesthetic pleasure.

In the Wild (2007, USA)

The film is based on real events and tells the story of a young man from a wealthy family. He gives the accumulated 24 thousand dollars to a charitable foundation and embarks on a two-year journey in search of meaning, truth, and his people. The hero wanders, gets casual jobs, and meets different people who change his life. At the end of his journey, he settles into an abandoned bus in a desolate place in Alaska. The film helps to understand the meaning of freedom and the true value of life in all its manifestations.

K-Pax (2001 USA, Germany)

The picture mixes fantasy and drama. The main character is an amazing character who considers himself the messenger of the mysterious planet K-Pax. They know how to heal with intent and move through light years. That’s just the “alien” in the body of an ordinary man, who has his own dramatic story. The doctor of the psychiatric institute has to deal with the “alien”. And he does not have a clear answer about who this friendly and kind person is. The painting teaches awareness and ecological attitude to others.

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